Wiring Harnesses

 We’re proud to offer the most versatile customization options for prewired harnesses & harness kits available anywhere. We wire everything in-house to your specs and can create unique combinations to meet your needs. Check out the possibilities and upgrade information below. Each harness offers a variety of combinations and provides multiple options to personalize and enhance your build with component selections, wiring upgrades, onboard effects, and more. We don’t mass-produce the same boring builds over and over and know you’re not a cookie-cutter player either. We’re looking forward to building you a wired set-up that’s just what you want for exceptional performance. For a complete prewired harness kit, you can select the Dragonfire Pickup(s) you want and add the Add-On Service Harness Build available on this page so we’ll do the work for you!

See bottom of this page for a basic outline of some of the choices available. Your selections will determine ultimate layout/functionality.
Email us directly at contact@dragonfireguitars.com prior to purchase with any questions or if you can’t find what you want.


    Prewired Harness Option Information

    In general, you have the choice of right or left-handed design, pot style (CTS or Standard in a variety of sizes, styles and pot values) and pot control number/style (up to four pots in your choice of volume and/or tone combinations).

    Solderless Connection upgrades offer the option to install without any soldering by using a specially designed Dragonfire quick-connect wiring box for your pickup wires (you must know your pickup wire color codes). Adding a jack is to your harness is recommended with this option and you must have an existing trem/bridge ground for installation.

    For switching, we offer your choice of switch control types.
    Standard 3-Way Switching (Standard or Fender Blade & Toggle Styles Available)
    Position 1 = Full Bridge
    Position 2 = Full Bridge + Full Neck
    Position 3 = Full Neck
    Standard Strat 5-Way Switching (Standard or Fender Blade Styles Available)
    Position 1 = Full Bridge
    Position 2 = Full Bridge + Full Middle
    Position 3 = Full Middle
    Position 4 = Full Middle + Full Neck
    Position 5 = Full Neck
    2-way or 3-way mini toggle switch controls are also available for a wide variety of switching performance options.

    For harnesses used with humbuckers, we offer Coil Splitting and Series Parallel wiring in a variety of ways and with different engagement types. Coil Splitting (aka Coil Tapping) essentially provides options to split humbucker performance to be more like a single coil to increase your playing variation and sound. The Series Parallel wiring upgrade changes how your humbucker coils work together, maintaining humbucker performance while providing alternative sound and playing options.

    Wiring Upgrades are available and offer a variety of guard performance-enhancing capabilities.
    7-Way Switching is a wiring modification for three-pickup builds available with push-pull or push-push style volume pot
    replacement or a mini toggle switch addition. With the 7-Way disengaged, you will have your standard 5-Way Strat selections.
    7-Way Switching provides two bonus selections to give you a total of seven different switching position options.
    Position 4 (7-Way Engaged) = Full Bridge + Full Middle + Full Neck
    Position 5 (7-Way Engaged) = Full Bridge + Full Neck
    Blend Pots are small, dime-sized tone replacement pots that can help blend the volume from different pickups,
    providing additional volume balance control and response to manipulation.
    Bridge Tone Upgrades use a tone pot mod to allow your neck tone control to also control the bridge tone.
    Kill Switch: From master kill switches in mini toggle or momentary arcade button styles to individual pickup kill switches, a variety of options are available to interrupt or cut signal to your amp for individual pickups or all pickups in a build simultaneously.
    Treble Bleed volume pot wiring modifier allows volume roll with significantly less high frequency loss, subtly allowing a more constant tone throughout the volume range. This mod helps address loss of high-end signal and dark muddiness experienced in the lower range, thus keeping more of your highs while maintaining volume adjustability.
    Vintage Cloth Wiring upgrades to cloth covered wiring for vintage authenticity and performance.
    For Phasing options, we offer your choice of four-wire humbucker or two-wire single coil phasing via mini switch or pot control for in-phase and out-of-phase performance.

    Onboard Effects are replacement control pots designed to provide a variety of performance effects,
    including boosters, drivers, shapers, controllers, chorus and more.

    Most builds offer the option to add a jack. Installation requires that you unsolder the connections, feed your jack wiring
    through your channel and then resolder. Keep notes prior to unsoldering if you want a reference to reconnect the jack properly.
    Jacks work with standard cables only and jack sockets accept standard ¼” plugs.

    Note that different pickup styles will have dissimilar tonal variations, volume output and overall results from wiring options available. Outcomes will vary based on the pickup style, system components, and many other factors.