Tele Noiseless Pickup Set Tele Pure Vintage Pickup Set Tele Rails Alnico
Tele Noiseless Pickups ~ Performance Pickups for Your TelecasterTele Pure Vintage Pickups ~ Vintage Telecaster PerformanceTele Rails AlNiCo Pickups ~ Alnico V (AV) Humbucker Performance

These Tele Noiseless Pickups are designed to give you the clear Tele performance you want without the noise. We’ve eliminated the 60-cycle hum so your true sound and skill can shine. Featuring Alnico 5 Magnets for warmth and depth ~~...

Dragonfire Pure Vintage Tele Pickup Set. Need that twangy vintage Tele sound? We have it! As with all our Tele pickups, choose a bridge or neck alone or go with the set for performance and savings. Alnico magnets and vintage Tele~~...

Dragonfire Tele Rails AlNiCo 5 ~ Humbucker Pickup Performance for Your Telecaster (Set/Individual), Powerful Alnico 5 Bar Magnet Style, Humbucker Sound in Tele Single Coil Size, 4 Wire Pickups, Coil Split , Hot Wound Performance ~~...





Tele Rails Tele Standard Pickups Tele Texas Blues Pickup Set
Tele Rails Pickups ~ Humbucker Performance for Your TelecasterTele Standard Pickups ~ Modern Sound for Your TelecasterTele Texas Blues Pickups ~ Hot Performance & Cool Tele Sounds

Dragonfire Tele Rails Tele Pickups, Choice of Individual Pickup or Pickup Set, Your Choice of Colors, Humbucker Sound in Tele Single Coil Size, 4 Conductor Wiring (4-Wire Pickups), Ceramic Magnets ~~...

Tele Standard Pickup Set wound with ceramic magnets for clear Tele twang. Modern Tele sound at a price you’ll love. They offer the response and clean clarity needed for your Tele performance while still giving you ~~...

Dragonfire Tele Texas Blues. Hot overwound tone as big as Texas! Make your Tele sing the blues with big and bold response, clarity and mid-range punch. Hot output - roughly 10.5K on the bridge and 9.5K on the neck (same as the Fender...