Strat Tremolo Arm, Trem Arm Whammy Bar, Style & Color Choice
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Strat Tremolo Arm Bar, TREM ARM WHAMMY BAR

Choice of 5mm or 6mm Styles

CHOICE of Bar & Tip Colors

Item Description

Trem arms or bars can help you create your own unique sound on your electric guitar and are great for soul, country, rock, and more. With practice, you can find many different sounds and effects are possible with a whammy bar. Vibrato, tonal depth, pitch changes, deeper and richer sounds, dive bombs, soothing smoothness, vibrant texture, and increased dissonance are possible with use of a trem bar. Add a personal touch to your sound with all the different possible variations.

Product Highlights

  • Whammy Bar for Trem Blocks with 5mm OR 6mm Trem Arm Holes
  • For Strat and Strat Style Tremolos
  • Screw In Arm with Trem Arm Tip / Arm Cap

Approximate Product Measurements (please refer to provided measurement reference image)

  • Trem Arm Length (overall): 158mm

Your Choice of:

  • Trem Arm Diameter/Insertion Point: 5mm
  • Trem Arm Diameter/Insertion Point: 6mm

What’s Included

  • 1 Quantity Trem Arm

Nothing else is included. Any extra images are provided for additional reference and comparison purposes only. There are no diagrams or instructions provided with this item. We do not provide technical or any other type of support for installation, configuration, or use of this item.

Purchase Notes

Please allow and expect variation in color due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. CONTACT US PRIOR TO PURCHASE if you have any questions or concerns regarding color, pattern, fit, materials, compatibility with your instrument, or measurements provided.

Be sure to inspect your order carefully upon receipt for any shipping damage, fit on your guitar, color, and general appearance.

  • Item #: 10285

Strat Tremolo Arm, Trem Arm Whammy Bar, Style & Color Choice

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