Sprague Orange Drop Cap Style Tone, Audio Tone Control Capacitor
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Sprague Orange Drop Cap Style Tone Cap
Audio Tone Control Capacitor for Bass or Guitar
Choice of 0.047 & 0.022 Style Options

This Tone Cap is a great option for tonal improvement, replacement, upgrade or control from an easy modification. These caps help produce balanced bass, middle, and treble and will work with most single coils and humbuckers.

Sprague Orange Drop Cap Style Product Highlights
*Polypropylene Dielectric Material
*Cornell Dubilier ~ 715P Series
*Round Case/Axial Style
*Tolerance: +/- 5%
*Max Possible Voltage Rating: 200v (VDC)

0.022uF Microfarad (mfd) Approximate Measurements
*Case Diameter: 6.7mm
*Case Width: 15.8mm
*Pin/Leg Length (Radial Lead): 54mm
*Overall Length: 61mm

0.047uF Microfarad (mfd) Approximate Measurements
*Case Diameter: 7.7mm
*Case Width: 20mm
*Pin/Leg Length (Radial Lead): 54mm
*Overall Length: 61mm

Measurements provided are approximations; variability is to be expected. Ask any questions prior to purchase.

*1 Quantity Tone Cap
Nothing else is included. Additional images may be provided for reference and comparison purposes only.

Please check your instrument and set-up needs carefully to see if this item will work for you.
Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.
ASK ANY QUESTIONS PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Instructions for installation are NOT INCLUDED or provided.
Inspect your order upon receipt; we pledge to address any issues PRIOR to installation.

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Sprague Orange Drop Cap Style Tone Cap, Audio Tone Capacitor

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