Bridge Tremolo Roller Saddles, Chrome Stainless Steel Saddles Wilkinson Tele Compensating Saddles, Brass
Bridge Tremolo Roller Saddles, Color Choice 6 String or 7 StringStainless Steel Saddles ~ US or MIM Style, 6 String or 7 StringWilkinson Tele Compensating Saddles, Brass or Steel Options

Set of 6 roller saddles, color choice

Stainless Steel Saddles Set Your choice of 6 String Set or 7 String Set. Fits tremolo, tele, and hardtail bridges. 10.5mm option is for Import & MIM Standards. 10.8mm option is for US Standards.

Wilkinson Tele Compensating Saddles, Brass Set of three barrel compensated brass bridge saddles for upgrading telecaster guitars. Allows more accurate intonation than straight saddles without sacrificing the vintage look. String spacing E:E 54mm....