This SS Strat pickguard is designed for use with two single-coil sized pickups, featuring a Standard Slant Single Coil Pickup Rout @ Bridge Position and Standard Straight Single Coil Pickup Rout @ Neck Position, there is no middle pickup rout.
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SS Strat Pickguard – Two Single Coil Routs Only @ Bridge & Neck (NO MIDDLE Pickup Rout)
Custom Designed Strat Pickguard
Brand New Guards Built to Order
Choose Your Own Guard Design Options

This Strat pickguard is designed for use with two single-coil sized pickups at the bridge and neck only. Featuring a Standard Slant Single Coil Pickup Rout @ Bridge Position and Standard Straight Single Coil Pickup Rout @ Neck Position, there is no middle pickup rout.

Check the product images for general reference and options. Click the images to enlarge as needed. Click this link to see each guard color in more detail if desired. Ask any questions prior to purchase as custom orders are non-returnable and non-refundable.

*Brand New 2S Pick Guard
*Fender® Replacement SS Pickguard
*Made to Order Scratchplate
*Protective Film Surface Cover (remove carefully after install)
*Fender Standard USA & MEX/MIM 2002 & Newer Style Fit
*Beveled Edging
*NO RETURNS for Custom Ordered Guards
*Most Orders Ship Next Business Day

YOUR CHOICE – Overall Style of Guard
*Your choice of right or left-handed / lefty guard style.

YOUR CHOICE – Guard Color/Style
*Follow this link to see our guard colors in more detail.
*Most guards are cut from 3-ply standard pickguard materials with a beveled edge (some exceptions). Layers may vary (impacts side edging color only) at our discretion.
*Mirror guards are made from an acrylic material designed to protect the mirror finish and will reflect your unique surroundings. Trans, clear, mirror, sparkle, shimmer, smoke, plexi, fluoro & other specialty style sheets are specialized fabrications, not standard pickguard materials. Please note that we do not ship mirror and specialty style guards internationally.
*Most guards come with pre-applied aluminum shielded electronics area (shape & color may vary). Specialty colors/styles may have single or double-sided protective covering without aluminum shielding so we include a separate sheet of shielding with each purchase of this style so you can choose whether/how to apply it.
*Allow and expect color and pattern variation due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance. Sample images provided represent the color, pattern, or shading of these pickguards, but will not be an exact match. Specialty colors are particularly difficult to capture/show true images. We do not recommend purchasing if you are looking for a particular outcome or are trying to match an existing color/theme on your guitar. We want you to be completely satisfied with your custom pickguard and thank you for understanding that we cannot guarantee a specific look.

YOUR CHOICE – Mounting Style
*For your guard mounting style, choose the option that will work best for your needs.
--None (Undrilled): No mounting screw holes (undrilled, do-it-yourself) so you can place the mounting holes just where you need them if you’re not sure what pattern you have or if you have something more unusual.
--11-Hole Standard
--11-Hole 62 Pattern
--8-Hole Conversion: Based on the 11-hole standard, this option gives the vintage 8 hole look without needing to drill new holes.
--8-Hole Vintage Pattern
--4 Hole Anchor Pattern: This provides the four most common corner guard mounting holes so, if desired, you can place any additional holes where you want them.
*Pickguard mounting screw holes are counter-sunk.
*A reference image is provided to give general locations for these options. Pay close attention to hole patterns/locations and be sure to select the correct guard mounting style for your guitar or select None (Undrilled) so you can place mounting holes as needed.

YOUR CHOICE – Bridge / Trem Cut Options
*Choose from standard or Floyd Rose cut styles or select “None (uncut)” if you do not wish to have a trem space routed.
*Standard trem cut options can be selected with standard bridge pickup rout placement or with forward placement ~ 5/8” from trem cut (Lonestar Style).
*Floyd Rose Cut pickguards are designed for a Floyd Rose Tremolo rather than a Standard Strat Trem set-up. Guard mounting screw spacing may be adjusted appropriately for this choice as needed. Note that bridge pickup rout placement will also be adjusted (moved forward) accordingly if this option is selected in conjunction with a humbucker rout at the bridge.

YOUR CHOICE – Neck Cutout Options
*Choose a Tele or Strat neck pocket cut with or without a truss rod notch (Elite / Pro-Mod style ONLY – not for vintage or other styles).
*Standard neck cut size/style.

YOUR CHOICE – Pickup Opening Options
*Choice of bridge & neck single coil cut styles.
--Strat® Single Coil in multiple styles: Straight or Slanted (Standard Slant or Reverse Slant)
*Not all options will work with standard body routing. Body modifications may be required depending on your selections.

YOUR CHOICE – Pickup Mounting Screw Holes
*Choice of none (undrilled, do-it yourself), standard or countersunk (SRV style option).
*Some pickup opening options do not allow for pickup mounting screw hole selection (as noted in the pickup opening description).

YOUR CHOICE – Control Options
*None (uncut/undrilled, do-it-yourself)
*Standard Blade Style Switch Cut (standard/blade/knife style)
--Choice of Countersunk SRV style or Standard Mounting Holes
*Up to 3 Mini Switches
*Gibson Style Toggle Switch Hole (standard or So-Cal position)
*Root Style
--Note that Root Style toggle switch selection is not available with pot hole positions 2, 2.5, or 3.
*A reference image is provided to give general locations for all options.

YOUR CHOICE – Pot Hole Positions
*We can send these custom guards without any holes (undrilled so you can drill how and where you like) or with pot/toggle/mini switch holes drilled in the position of your choice. Please check out the provided reference image for general hole placement options. If you do not want any holes drilled, simply select “NONE” on every Position Option.
--P1 – Position #1 – Standard Strat Volume Hole
--P1.5 – Position #1.5 – Slight Offset between P1 and P2
--P2 – Position #2 – Standard Strat Middle Tone
--P2.5 – Position #2.5 – Slight Offset between P2 & P3
--P3 – Position #3 – Standard Strat Bottom Tone
--P4 – Position #4 – Offset
--Position #4 may not fit in all Strat routs and additional routing may be required with this selection.
--Control Pot holes are compatible with full-size or mini-pots.
--Be sure to check your control option selections and compatibility with hole selections/placement.
--Positions # 1.5 & 4 are not recommended to be selected for the same build unless using mini pots as there would not be enough space for standard control pot placement.
--We will drill as you select. Some hole placements will not be compatible with certain routing or may be too closely positioned for standard knob sizes. It is solely your responsibility to determine and select your desired hole placements. Ask questions prior to purchase as needed.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON – Matching Trem Cover
*Select this option if you would like a matching trem cover (cut from the same material sheet). This will provide you with the closest possible match to your new guard. Trem covers purchased separately may or may not match as well.
*Your choice of either no mounting holes (undrilled, do-it-yourself), 6 standard or 6 lefty mounting holes.
*Select no string slot (uncut, do-it-yourself), standard or lefty string slot placement.
*Add on trem covers feature beveled edging.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON – Pickguard Mounting Screws
*Select this option to include mounting screws for your new guard.

*1 Custom Designed Non-Returnable Pickguard
NOTHING ELSE is included. Diagrams/instructions NOT INCLUDED.

These guards will not fit anything other than specifically noted compatible models. They will not work with non-standard components or systems and may not work with some pickup covers/styles. Guards will not fit “Squier” “Deluxe” “Light” any Artist Series or Reissue, or anything else other than “Fender® Standard” model guitars in the years and configuration noted. Reference images are approximations and not to scale; variability is to be expected. Images provided are representations only. Non-standard selections may require body modifications. Your selections are your own – we will create your guard to order per your specifications.

Check measurements before purchase. Depending on your set-up, you may require adjustment. Ask in advance and we are happy to provide fit/compatibility information or make special arrangements if possible. DO NOT PURCHASE if you are unsure of your requirements, needs or ability to make any required adjustments for your newly custom designed guard.

THERE ARE NO RETURNS OR ORDER CANCELLATIONS ON CUSTOM ORDERS! Since we process orders as quickly as possible and each guard will be cut just for you, be sure of what you want and ask any questions before completing your purchase. This item is not eligible for return. It is solely your responsibility to know what you need/want and what options will work for your set-up.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.

Allow and expect variation in color due to photo and monitor settings as well as natural product variance.

Ask any questions regarding colors, materials, options, measurements, installation, requirements, special requests, etc. prior to purchase.

Note that we do not recommend installation using power tools as these can put too much force on the product and cause damage. Take your time for installation; do not use power tools and do not over-tighten screws or other components. If you elect to drill or cut your own controls or holes, please be aware that some guards are extremely difficult to drill yourself if you do not have experience or proper tools. This is especially true for mirror, clear, sparkle and specialty color/style materials.

Any use, modification or damage to a guard invalidates your ability to make a return.

  • Style: Stratocaster, Build Your Own SS Pickguard
  • Pickguard: Custom Strat Guard, Bridge & Neck, No Middle Pickup Rout
  • Color: Choice of Pickguard Colors & Styles
  • Fit: US & MIM 2002 & Newer Fender Standard
  • Features: Customizable / Build to Order Design Two Single Coil Routs @ Bridge & Neck
  • Type: Pickguards Made to Order / Custom Pickguard
  • Item #: 10178
  • Cannot ship to: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

SS Strat Pickguard Semi-Custom Single Routs @ Bridge & Neck Only

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