Pro Series Pickguard DFHR, Hot Rails Mini Switches
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Pro-Series Pickguard - Featuring Dragonfire DFHR Hot Duo Rails with Mini-Switches. Great for everything from Classic Rock to today’s Metal, these four-wire hot wound Duo Rails deliver! These are humbuckers in the size of a standard Strat single coil so you don’t have to carve up your body in order to get the humbucking features and versatility you want.

Probably one of the coolest guards we make, the Dragonfire DFHR! Features 3 Dragonfire Hot Rails in your choice of colors wired on a custom designed pickguard. Click HERE for guard color samples. We use standard Fender USA/Mexican fit 11-hole guards for 2002 & Newer US & MIM Standards. 

This build comes standard with 3 mini switches included or your choice of alternative wiring upgrades. If selected as an included option, each coil split mini-switch allows you to have the pickup as a single coil (up), OFF (middle), or as a Humbucker (down). This gives you complete independent control over each pickup. The results are near-endless tones. For this style option, we use on/off/on switches, full size 500k pots, along with .047 caps, but your choices will determine the ultimate build details.

We offer some of the most expansive options available anywhere so you can custom design something totally unique for your playing needs and performance style. For each drop-down selection item, choose what will work best for your set-up. If you have any questions, just Contact Us!

For your control pots, choose the quantity and positioning you prefer. You can select one master volume control alone, one master volume plus one tone for master control of all pickups at once in humbucker or single coil mode, one master volume plus two tone controls which gives tone control for the neck and middle only in single coil mode, three volume controls for independent position control of each pickup separately, or an array of 4 mini pots in either a 1 Master Volume + 3 Independent Tones or 3 Independent Volumes + 1 Master Tone style.

Position Options: 

--P1 – Position #1 – Standard Strat Volume Hole
--P1.5 – Position #1.5 – Slight Offset between P1 and P2
--P2 – Position #2 – Standard Strat Middle Tone
--P2.5 – Position #2.5 – Slight Offset between P2 & P3
--P3 – Position #3 – Standard Strat Bottom Tone
--P4 – Position #4 – Offset
--Position #4 may not fit in all Strat routs and additional routing may be required with this selection.

Your wiring options include either 2-way (on/full humbucker, off/no output), 3-way (on/full humbucker, off/no output, on/single coil mode) or series parallel (series, off, parallel mode) for each position. You can also add optional kill switch or treble bleed upgrades.

Upgrade Circuits 1 and/or 2 with QDD, EXP, BCU, QTB, TBX or VTC onboard effects options! For more information on these optional effects, follow this link.

Choose the color of your mounting screws for the guard and pickup mounting screws (these will match based on your selection option).

For installation, all you do is solder your wires to the jack and bridge ground.

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Pro Series SSS Strat Pickguard DFHR, Hot Duo Rails Mini Switches

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