Pro Series Pickguard Texas Blues, Black
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Pro-Series Pickguards - Dragonfire TB Standard Prewired Texas Blues Guard.

Dragonfire Pure Vintage Pickups are our most popular pickups! All wired and ready; just solder wires to your input jack and you are in business!

Yearning for the hot SRV tone? Look no further! Wound to a fat 9.0K on each pickup, these will blow your mind. 

Here is what you get: set of three: Bridge, Middle, and Neck, Alnico Beveled Magnets for true vintage quack, fiber baseplates, middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity for hum cancelling in positions 2 and 4, overwound staggered alnico slugs, enamel coated wire on a fiber bobbin, wax potted to reduce hum, with cloth wire leads. Wired in shop on your choice of guards! Standard American and Mexican Strat pickguard, 11-Hole for 2002 & Newer US/MIM Fender Standard.

No effects, no fancy switching, just our great Texas Blues pickups wired in a guard. The tone is great, and the price is better! Of course, if you want the effects and 7-way switching, we can do that too! 

YOUR CHOICE of pickup and pickguard colors

  • Item #: 2002

Prewired SSS Strat Guard, Loaded Texas Blues Pickguard

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