Pro Series Pickguard Pure Vintage, Black
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Pro-Series Pickguards - Dragonfire PV Standard Prewired Pure Vintage Guard with Dragonfire Pure Vintage Pickups - our most popular pickups!

All wired and ready. Solder wires to your input jack and you are in business! See what our setup offers - Yearning for the tone of old? Well, look no further!

Here is what you get: Set of three, Bridge, Middle, and Neck. Alnico Beveled Magnets for true vintage quack, cloth lead wires, fiber baseplates, wax potted to reduce hum, wound to a vintage 6.0K, 5.6k, and 5.4K. Middle pickup is reverse wound/reverse polarity. Truly a great set if you are looking for that early strat tone. Wired here on your choice of guards! The tone is great, and the price is better! 

Standard American and Mexican Strat pickguard 2002 & Newer fit. 

YOUR CHOICE of pickup and pickguard colors

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Prewired SSS Strat Guard, Loaded Pure Vintage Pickguard

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