Prewired HH Pickguard, Vintage Buckers
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Dragonfire Prewired Strat HH (Humbucker-Humbucker) Strat Loaded Pickguard, Vintage Buckers, Choice of Colors

Prewired on a Fender U.S./Mexican retrofit Pickguard with 3 500k pots, 3-way switch, set of two Dragonfire Vintage Buckers (1 Bridge and 1 Neck Pickup).

The Buckers are Dragonfire's hot PAF's! They are the ultimate humbucker for high output and clarity. Wound with Alinco magnets to roughly 16.9K on the bridge and 8.3K on the neck, they will make your guitar come alive. For everything from Country to Metal, the Bucker's can do it. Creamy overdrives and sparkling clean tones! Vintage Buckers feature 6 adjustable polepieces and 6 slugs each.

This set-up is perfect to take to the next level with Wiring Option Upgrades! Add TWO Coil Split Upgrades ($19.95 EACH) to expand your horizons! Pickup combos with both of these upgrades added are:

  • Bridge Humbucker only
  • Bridge single coil only
  • Bridge humbucker and neck humbucker
  • Bridge humbucker and neck single
  • Bridge single and neck humbucker
  • Bridge single and neck single
  • Neck humbucker only
  • Neck single coil only

Looking for output without the mud? You found the solution! Installation is simple - just solder your input jack and bridge ground.

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Prewired HH Pickguard, Vintage Buckers

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