Lil VB - Single Coil Sized Vintage Bucker, Position & Color Choice
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Discontinued pickup style. No returns accepted for this clearance item.

Lil VBs - Single Coil Vintage Buckers Pickup, 1 Pickup in Your Choice of Position & Color

These are humbuckers in single coil sized pickups. The Lil VB’s feature alnico V magnets and 12 adjustable polepieces. Calibrated to Bridge (11K), Middle (9K), and Neck (9K).

These pickups are a bit different from standard ceramic bar styles and require some finesse. The Lil VB relies on the individual mini-pole pieces to pick up the string vibration. If you have the pickup set too far from the strings, output will be diminished as these have a weaker magnetic pull and need to be closer. If you are not experienced with pickup and string set-up, we do not recommend this particular pickup.

Also available in a set of three for your convenience and savings.

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Lil VB -Single Coil Vintage Bucker Individual Pickup, Clearance!

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