Prewired SSS Strat Pickguard ~ DFAR5 ft. Humbucking AlNiCo Rails
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Pro-Series Pickguards ~ Dragonfire DFAR5 Prewired/Loaded Guard

Featuring Dragonfire AR5s ~ Strat AlNiCo Rails with DF-A5s and Dual Blades

Features 3 Dragonfire AR5 Rails in your choice of colors wired on a custom designed pickguard to fit standard Fender USA/Mexican fit 11-hole guard for 2002 & Newer US & MIM Standards.

Offering humbucker performance in the size of a standard Strat single coil so you don't have to carve up your body in order to get the humbucking features and versatility you want. Not just for Strats, these are some of the hottest passive pickups out there and can be used in any standard single coil space (not tele-sized!).

True to our commitment to offer customization so you can build what you want, we give you choice of control styles. Choose a standard 5-way blade switch control for standard Strat style switching or choose 3 mini-switches for independent coil split control over each position. For the 3 mini-switch on-off-on switch option, each switch allows you to have the pickup as a single coil (up), OFF (middle), or as a Humbucker (down). This gives you complete independent control over each pickup. The results are near-endless tones.

Either option gives you three full size 500k pots along with .047 cap style. All you do is solder the included wires to your input jack and bridge ground and you are ready to go!

Make your new guard your own with options to upgrade with a kill switch and onboard effects (up to 2 effects that take the place of standard tone controls). 

Let us know prior to purchase if you have any questions.

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DFAR Prewired SSS Strat Pickguard ft. Humbucking AlNiCo V Rails

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