Prewired Wiring Harness Design Custom Wiring Kit Service Add-On, You Choose the Pickups & Wiring Options We Do the Work! Coil Split & Solderless Options Available, Choice of Electronic Components, Wiring Upgrades, Effects Options & More!
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Custom Wiring Harness
Prewired Electronics Built to Order
We-Build-It Wiring Harness ~ You Choose & We Wire
Prewired Harness Custom Design Build Service Options
Completely Customizable Wiring Harness & Electronics
Coil Split & Solderless Option Available!

We offer this wiring service to custom wire a new harness in the style of your choice. Select the options you want for your build preferences and we’ll wire as you indicate so you’ll get a totally built-to-order custom wired harness.

We’re proud to offer many options to customize your build with possibilities designed to increase uniqueness, personalization, versatility and performance. Be sure to know your set-up and system needs/preferences as we will wire to your specifications and not all options play well together. Your choices are your own. Find abbreviated explanations for each option offered below and please contact us if you have any questions about the options available for this build. Additional wiring upgrade information can be found on our store’s Wiring Harness Landing Page.

YOUR CHOICE – Style Choice
*Choose standard wiring style (soldering required) or select the solderless option upgrade to install your new harness without any soldering by using our specially designed Dragonfire quick-connect system. You must have an existing trem/bridge ground if you select the solderless option.

YOUR CHOICE – Overall Style
*Your choice of right or left-handed / lefty wiring style.
*Note that we only use B style pots with left handed builds.

YOUR CHOICE – Control Option
*Select the number and style of your volume and tone pots.
*In general, control pots come in mini (small/dime-sized, ~16mm diameter) or standard (large/quarter-sized ~24mm diameter) styles with short (~15mm), long (~18mm) and extra-long (~24 – ~30mm) shaft lengths.
*Short shaft styles are typically used for guard mounting. Long styles are for body mounting. Extra-long pots are typically only used for LP systems mounting through the body and ground plate.

YOUR CHOICE – Volume & Tone Pot Styles
*Select your preferred pot style for any volume or tone pots you select. If you are not selecting volume or tone controls, choose “NONE” for these options as needed.
*In general, we recommend B (Linear) Pots for Volume and A (Audio) Pots for Tone as well as 500K Pots for Humbuckers and 250K Pots for Single Coils.
--If you are coil splitting, we recommend 500K pots.
--25K pots are used with active pickups.
--Depending on style and what you are looking for in terms of performance, you might vary from these standards at your own extreme discretion.
*If you have active pickups, please be sure to let us know in the “Special Instructions” part of checkout so we can adjust your harness accordingly.
*The overall options you select will determine final build details. If you want something other than standard or need more information, contact us in advance.

*Your choice of cap styles and values. Do not select a tone cap if you are not planning to have a tone control or choose to replace your tone control with an onboard effect.
--0.022 are often paired with 250K pots / single coil pickups.
--0.033 are an option for those who want to split the difference between the 22s and the 47s.
--0.047 are usually used with 500K pots / humbucker pickups.
--0.1 are designed to work with 25K pots and active pickups.

YOUR CHOICE – Knob Style
*Your choice of color and style.

YOUR CHOICE – Switch Option
*Your choice of standard or Fender blade or toggle switches. You can elect to not have a switch (i.e. if you are going for a one pickup harness set-up like a one humbucker), a 3-Way switch, a 5-way switch, or mini switches to control your pickup selection and performance. We offer multiple options so you can customize switching to suit your style. Note that open and box toggles only work with two-pickup systems.
--NONE: Selecting this option means that we will not wire switching for your new harness. This is an appropriate option only if you don’t want (or need) to switch between pickups.
--3-WAY: In general, select this option if you have a two-pickup system with bridge / bridge + neck / neck switching.
--5-WAY: In general, select this option if you have a three-pickup system where you want standard bridge / middle + bridge / middle / middle + neck / neck switching. Select 5-way switching if you plan to add the 7-way wiring upgrade.
--MINI SWITCH: These toggle switches can perform a variety of switching functions. Note that if you elect to go with mini switching, you must select the appropriate number of mini switches to control the number of pickups you have (i.e. if you have three pickups, you will need three mini switches because each mini switch controls just one pickup). If you select a mini-switch style with coil splitting functionality (i.e. 3-way switch for full/off/split control), you do not need to also add a coil split upgrade.
*Contact us prior to purchase if you have any switching questions or special requests.

YOUR CHOICE – Switch Wire Style
*Choose from standard or cloth-style wire with your choice of switch wire length.

YOUR CHOICE – Humbucker Performance Option
*For harnesses designed to work with 4-Wire Humbuckers, we offer these options so you can add coil splitting and / or series parallel performance with your choice of control pot upgrades or mini switch additions. Only select one of these performance options if you are using four-wire humbucker pickups with your new harness. Single coil, two-wire and active pickups are not coil-splitable. If you plan to use your own pickups, you must know your pickup wire color codes for installation.
*Coil Splitting (aka Coil Tapping) essentially provides options to split humbucker performance to be more like a single coil to increase your playing variation and sound.
--Choose from a variety of engagement options for coil splitting performance. Note that the Variable/Gradual Coil Split option provides coil splitting via pot control (1 per pickup - up to 3) with the effect amount controlled by pot knob rotation with 0 being full split/single coil and 10 being no split/full humbucker. You can select to replace one of the controls already selected or add an additional pot control for this option.
*The Series Parallel wiring upgrade changes how your humbucker coils work together, maintaining humbucker performance while providing alternative sound and playing options. Series Parallel options require an independent mini switch or pot control for each pickup effect (one per pickup).
*Choose from mini-switch or pot-controlled wiring options or select “NONE” if you don’t need or want these performance upgrades.
*By default (unless otherwise specified in the option description), selected pot upgrades will typically REPLACE one of the pot controls you previously selected. For example, if you selected 1V1T, the upgrade would replace one of those pot controls and there would still be a total of two pots.
*Note that different pickup styles will have dissimilar tonal variations, volume output and overall results from these wiring upgrades. Outcomes will vary based on many factors including the pickup style, other system components, and overall wiring options selected for your harness.

YOUR CHOICE – Wiring Upgrade
*Choose from a variety of wiring upgrade options. Contact us if you have any questions about the options available.
*Note that 7-Way Switching is only applicable to three-pickup builds and you must select a 5-way switching control option in conjunction with this wiring upgrade.
*For Phasing options, we offer your choice of four-wire humbucker or two-wire single coil phasing via mini switch or pot control for in-phase and out-of-phase performance. Each pickup requires a separate phasing control (one per pickup).
*By default, selected pot upgrades will typically REPLACE one of the pot controls you previously selected. For example, if you selected 1V1T, the upgrade would replace one of those pot controls.
*Note that different pickup styles will have dissimilar tonal variations, volume output and overall results from these wiring upgrades. Outcomes will vary based on the pickup style, other system components, and overall wiring options selected for your harness.

YOUR CHOICE – Onboard Effects
*Find details for each type of onboard effect HERE.
*Onboard effects can either replace a tone pot control as selected in your control options or can be added as an additional control to your previously selected control options.
--For example, if you select a 1V1T control option and add a replacement onboard effect, you’ll have one volume control and your effect control (no tone control). If you select a 1V1T control option and add an additional/separate onboard effect, you will have the 1V1T controls as selected PLUS the effect control for a three-pot system.

YOUR CHOICE – Jack Choice
*We offer your choice of jack styles. Jacks work with standard cables only and jack sockets accept standard ¼” plugs.
*Active pickups require a stereo jack.

YOUR CHOICE – Jack Wire Style
*Choose from standard or cloth-style wire with your choice of jack wire length.
*If you select a four-pot control style with a toggle switch and two humbuckers, we’ll automatically provide extra switch wire length for LP systems.

YOUR CHOICE – Optional Add-On
Depending on your set-up, you may require additional nuts or washers to properly install new control pots.

YOUR CHOICE – Optional Build Service Add-On
*If you purchase any of our Dragonfire Pickups in the same order, we can wire the pickup(s) you select into your new harness free of charge. Find an ideal pickup or set combination from the wide variety of Dragonfire Pickups we offer. Contact us prior to purchase with any special requests (i.e. more than three pickups, different combinations/effects, etc.).

~~Installation Information~~
Your harness will be shipped on a special jig for safe transit. Carefully remove the knobs (if selected) to begin your install. Take care - rough handling may damage components.

Unless you select the solderless wiring option, your harness will come with three open wires.
*Red is hot and is soldered to the tip of your jack. If you select a jack, this will be pre-done for you so you’ll unsolder, feed the wires through your channel, and resolder.
*Both blacks are grounds. One is soldered to the jack sleeve and the other is grounded to your trem/bridge.

If your selections require alternate installation, additional instructions will be included in your shipment.

Take your time for installation; do not over-tighten screws or other components.

~~Purchase Notes~~
Please check your instrument and set-up needs carefully to see if this item will work for you. This build is available in many styles with a variety of personalization and upgrade options. These are not cookie-cutter mass-produced generic creations. All wiring is done in house, customized just for you to create your ideal harness. We know players’ needs are varied and unique. Your selections and any addition of effects or upgrades will determine ultimate functionality and may necessitate, at our discretion, substitution of component styles depending on options chosen.

Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items.

These harnesses will not work with non-standard components or systems. Non-standard selections may require body modifications. Your selections are your own – we will create your harness to order per your specifications so please know your needs and ask any questions prior to purchase.

Depending on your set-up, you may require adjustment. Ask in advance and we are happy to provide fit/compatibility information or make special arrangements if possible. Do not buy if you are unsure of your requirements, needs, or ability to make any required adjustments.

Color, sound, performance or other descriptions are subjective as well as generic in nature. Your outcome will vary based on many factors, most importantly your own skill, style, equipment and experience. Color descriptions indicate color only, not material.

Inspect your order upon receipt. We will address any issues prior to installation. Contact us with any questions.

  • Style: Wiring Harness Design ~ Prewired Custom Wiring Kit Service Add-On ~ ~ You Choose, We Wire! Completely Customizable
  • Pickup Style: Dragonfire Prewired Harness ~ Choice of Right or Left-Handed ~ Choice of Pickup & Electronic Component Styles
  • Color: Choice of Style & Color, Choice of Controls (Volume & Tone Combos), Components & Knob/Switch Tip Colors
  • Fit: Electric 6 String / 7 String Guitar, Bass (Jazz 4 String & 5 String, P, PJ) & Tele Wiring Harness Replacement
  • Features: Dragonfire Custom Designed Wiring Harness Kit Build ~ Choice of Wiring Styles, Pot, Switch & Effects Upgrades & Options
  • Type: Wired Electronics Harness - Prewired Electronics Kit Ready to Install, Solderless, CTS & Fender Component Options Available
  • Attribute: Fully Customizable Replacement Options Available~ Custom Built to Order Prewired w/ Choice of Styles
  • Item #: 4001

Custom Wiring Harness ~ Prewired Electronics Built to Order

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