Dragonfire One Volume Two Pickup Prewired GLS Wiring Harness, Switchless Guitar Electronics Replacement Wire System for Double Pickup Set-Ups, 1V, No Switch, Push-Pull or Push-Push Pickup Selection Pot Style
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Two Pickup GLS Wiring Harness
Switchless Pickup Selection Pot Style
Special No-Switch Wiring Option

Two Pickup GLS Wiring Harness
Prewired Electric Guitar Harness
1 Long Shaft (18mm) Volume Control Pot
Basic Strat Knob Included; Choice of Pot & Jack Style

Pot Style Options Include:
*Push-Pull or Push-Push
*Standard or CTS
*Small (Dime) or Large (Quarter) Sized Pots
*A (Audio) or B (Linear)
*25K, 250K or 500K

~~Item Description~~
These One Volume Two Pickup GLS No Switch Hand-Wired Harnesses are customized just for you and your unique preferences. These work well with most two pickup (HH, HS, SS or other two pickup) systems. The customized GLS Split Wiring incorporated into this harness allows you to split performance between the two pickups so you will have just one of the pickups in your rig on at a time without the use of a switch. This harness is not designed to allow both pickups to work at the same time. Instead, activate your pot to turn one pickup off and the other on. Since you aren’t coil splitting, you don’t have to have four-wire pickups.

Each made-to-order harness is unique and, based on your selections as well as current component stock on hand, may vary in appearance from the sample product images. Let us know if you are looking for other wiring options or harnesses. We can make almost anything work with the components we carry or provide other options if needed.

This GLS harness features a split shaft long (18mm shaft x 45mm overall height) DPDT pot for body mounting (28mm cavity depth required). If you are going through a guard, you may need additional nuts or washers. These pots work with most coarse knurled, 18-spline style knobs (basic Strat knob included with purchase).

Check below for more information on selection options available. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

~~Selection Options~~
Right or Left-Handed Harness: Note that we only offer left-handed wiring with B Pot selections.

Pot Style Choice: Choose a Small/Dime Sized (~16.5mm diameter) or Large/Quarter Sized Pot (~24mm diameter) as well as Standard or CTS Pot Style with either Push-Push or Push-Pull functionality along with your choice of A or B and OHM styles. Pots require a 10mm pot hole for installation. See below in the related items section for more detailed information about pot styles, measurements and options.

Both Push-Pull and Push-Push function pots in this harness will give you full pickup performance in the initial/resting position. You’ll engage the pot by either pulling the pot up (for Push-Pull Style) or pushing the pot like a button push (for the Push-Push Style). Many people prefer the push-push to the traditional push-pull because it tends to be a quick and seamless transition and you don’t have to try to wedge a finger under the push-pull to get it pulled up. In either style, once engaged you’ll have the second pickup at full performance (without any sound from the first pickup). This GLS Harness is not a coil split and instead gives you the option to have just one pickup engaged at a time.

A or B Pots: Audio (aka “A” pot or “Aud” pot) or Linear Taper (aka “B” pot or “Lin” pot) - Some players believe audio pots provide a smoother volume roll, while others like the linear pots better for tone transitioning. It’s a personal playing preference as performance will vary based on many factors, including style and equipment.

25K, 250K or 500K Pots: Higher pot 500K values typically lend a brightness to your sound while the 250K lower value pots typically result in a bit more playing warmth. Many players prefer pairing humbuckers with 500K pots and single coils pickups with 250K pots. You might switch it up depending on your style and what you are looking for in terms of performance. 25K pots are used with active pickups.

A Mono Jack open-frame style jack is included with each harness. Stereo, Switchcraft and Pure Tone jacks are available as optional upgrade options. All require a 10mm mounting hole and tighten to your jack plate (available separately). Another option is our Barrel Jack cylinder style jack that requires a 12mm mounting hole and tightens from inside your guitar. All jacks work with standard cables only and accept ¼” plugs; active pickups require stereo jacks.

Finally, choose your preferences for jack, wire style (standard, Gavitt cloth-covered, or heavy duty DFG cloth-covered) wire length (standard, extended and extra-long options), knob color (basic Strat knob included with purchase) and optional additional nuts and washers for guard mounting if needed.

Instructions provided with purchase show the hot and ground connection points from your pickups that you’ll need to solder. Before you complete your purchase, please know your abilities/requirements and be sure to determine if your selected options will fit your needs (size, mounting method/requirements, style, etc.). Ask any questions before you buy.

~~Purchase Notes~~
Buyers assume all risk of use; sales are only offered to those competent to safely and lawfully purchase and use items. Please ask any questions prior to purchase. Color descriptions indicate color only, not material. Due to the vast and varied nature of possible set-ups, we do not provide specific information for every possible installation scenario. Depending on your set-up, you may require adjustment.

Inspect your order upon receipt. We will address any issues PRIOR to installation.

  • Style: Dragonfire One Volume Two Pickup (HH, HS, SS or Other Two Pickup) GLS Switchless Wiring Harness
  • Fit: Guitar Electronics Made to Order Replacement Wire System for Double Pickup Set-Ups
  • Features: 1V No Switch Push-Pull or Push-Push Pickup Pot Style, Special GLS No-Switch Wiring Option, Custom Pre-Wired Harness
  • Type: Choice of Right or Left Handed, Standard or CTS Pot Styles, A (Audio) or B (Linear), 25K, 250K, 500K, Jacks, Knobs, Wire
  • Attribute: 2 Pickup, Single Pot, No Switch Push Pull or Push Push Prewired Electric Guitar Harness 1 Volume Control Pot, Choice of Size
  • Item #: 10899

1V Two Pickup GLS Wiring Harness ~ Special Prewired Switchless

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